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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i've been asked to be a contributer to JOYdropper on behalf of Trenton-area (SWcentral?) New Jersey based on this website and a few well received e-mails.

i'm honored and Jersey-proud to be a part of what i see as a beautiful opportunity for New Jersey musicians and creators to spread beyond their immediate stomping grounds and explore the intricate web of local scenes and hero/heroine musicians. the more support and the more attention that is thrown at JOYdropper, the more effective it can potentially be. so please, please, pay attention. it'll all be worth it.

because fuck brooklyn, fuck manhattan, and philadelphia's wimpy... and not in the hamburger-eatin way.

you heard me.

Conor Gerard Meara

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pay attention:

and we quoth JD (& the word is good) ::

Greetings lost Internet traveller! You’re probably here because we’ve been shooting our electronic seed throughout New Jersey. Now allow that seed to germinate into finger tips that tickle your brain particles, and make you wanna have fun.


Yessss. We are JOYdropper, coming to you and filling your screen with all the fun your resolution allows! JOYdropper is a group of friends from New Jersey who want to give you bored somethings somewhere to go. While you’re sleeping we look for cool things to do — obsessively collecting all the happenings, the people who happen them, and the places they happen — so that you can do them when you’re awake.

That’s because we want to wake you up. There’s pockets of awesome people in our smelly state, all seemingly disconnected. We’re hoping that artists, musicians and other creatives will start venturing outside their small ponds, to other small ponds…and then more awesome shit will start happening.

You can find the sum of our efforts on this here calendar. If you’re too lazy to read the Internet, we can also personally hand deliver these events to your crummy inbox every week. Sign up in that box to the right that says, “MAILING LIST.”

We’ll also be throwing our own little hootenannies, so check back often. This is just the beginning of a whole lot of some bullshit.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ShitSleeper Presents: Sky & A Flag Session Remains [The B Sides]

download 3 shitsleeper tracks that didnt make it to the album! rough! unmastered! disastrous! cathartic! good for warts! long lasting! quick acting! smooth to the touch! creamy! alcoholic!

click HERE

Sky & A Flag Session Remains [The B Sides]

1. Cry Cry Cry
2. Rocket In A Vase
3. Drive/Hide (On Fire)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Rain

if it looks like shit, put the quality up (where it says 240p, make that 720/HD) or full-screen it/

this is alien father at the ewing basement gallery's 1st anniversary blowout/

happy b'day & happy november from alfath.

also from this set:

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Band Member Needed!

shitsleeper has a new side project

needs either a guitarist to play the following parts
or singr with some srius ballz or labia
already gots some shows methinks

got about 6 songs
4 pretty solid
hit up alecgabin@gmail.com if you dig and live in the burbs of phill y area


Thursday, November 4, 2010

the Trentonian, 11-4-2010

wisdom tooth

show info in the post directly below this one. rock & fuckin' barrel roll!

Friday, October 29, 2010

new split tape: dark surfers & the yawns/ba babes

if you own a tape deck, you should definitely consider purchasing this tape. $5 comes with a download code. this is SUPER RAD. if you have no idea who these people are, start with the video for Dark Surfers' "We Got Ghosts" HERE

A Side - Dark Surfers & The Yawns:
1.) Planet Drunk (Me & My Satanic Babe)
2.) A Fire Next Time
3.) Follow Me Home

B Side - Ba Babes:
1.) Holy Ghost
2.) NOllie Shuv

go get em!!! http://cassanovacassettes.bigcartel.com/

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Towering Trees' "Proto"


a voice in the distance that sounds like a less arrogant julian casablancas mated with a less moping morrissey is singing some pure popping rock&roll from minnesota via portland. here's the last EP of a sunny summer that I, for one, could deal with holding onto for another couple weeks. after that, yeah, welcome autumn, welcome winter, whatever... just give me one more week. i'll take off work. i'll stay outside.

william carpenter and his towering trees have been putting out music for quite some time. will was a bright-eyed, bushy-haired freshman that i met when i tried to go to college one time (no, not that time...the first time). joe P recorded an EP with him in flemington NJ and we've hosted it and some other of his recordings on tamur in the past... the album links are broken turns out. probably because i haven't paid for web hosting in a couple months. BUT THANK GOD FOR BANDCAMP... maybe his back catalogue will show up on there. until then, enjoy the new one. bring it outside with you, get a whiff of the flowers before they die, enjoy it.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

see ALIEN FATHER in Ridgewood NJ, Brooklyn NY, Kutztown PA, Philadelphia PA

oct 23rd in ridgewood NJ (see flyer above, FB EVENT)
oct 1st in kutztown PA @ Eckhaus (157 West Main St.) w/tom blacklung & the smokestacks, hulk smash, moister
sept 29th in brooklyn @ Don Pedros (FB EVENT) w/tom blacklung & the smokestacks, sweat & bullets, krylls
+ a couple of tentative shows (oct 2nd house party, oct 9th at the El Bar) in philly.
we'll also be recording in brooklyn with Joe P the nights of the 22nd and the 23rd. look out for a really really fucking killer 7" vinyl to grip your ears around. that is all! (for now!)

-conor (bass, Alien Father)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dirty Dirigible

We got reviewed. Check it.

Cool videos, pics, joint building diagrams....

Friday, September 10, 2010

every bunny welcome times nine


every bunny welcome is now ShitSleeper. i just uploaded all of the EBW back catalogue from the early to late 2000's so we can 'quarantine the past' as they say (but not in a greatest hits kind of way... because that just doesn't seem right) and get on the good foot for the tens and teens.

dead birds

nostalgia much? pretty much every recording by both bands is up for free stream and download.

Huge Fucking Pupils

huge pupils are a duo from north jersey who are just about as sick of treading the hipster hellhole that is brooklyn (spreading further and further from williamsburg) as any other jersey musicians/bands i know. they're putting on a show in Ridgewood on Saturday, Oct 23rd with Chinstraps, Huge Pupils (obviously), Haunted Houses, Alien Father (hey, i'm in that!), Zingtone Cowboy, Seeking the Seeker, and 2 Late 4 Never. it's in a church. it's gonna be gnarly. yeah. GNARLY. here's the FB event link (get there.)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the Timid Roosevelts and All Over

are both on bandcamp now:

that's a demo i recorded with them way back in the day up at 1331... it's only gonna get better from here on out (& from what EYE herd, they're working on a new one which is good... this one's aging, like us all)


all over number three will be two songs from (the angry young) THEM plus an original by myself (as per the pattern). there are also two instrumental versions of "whole lotta shakin' in my heart (since i met you)" for minimum $1,000 download EACH. yeah. that's right. one-thousand dollars. or you could just download/stream the EPs for free.



Alien Father/Dark Surfers/NoN-SToP/Ultra Dome/Project Frequency
click this, click a picture, listen to music

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TOMORROW! (wednesday, sept. 8th)//PHILLY

two bands from Italy (^ NEO above) + two bands from Philly, Wednesday, Sept. 8th at 8:00pm

Pageant Soloveev
607 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia, PA


curt howard & friends

are fucking relentless. besides the whole Faux Fetus thing, more recently there's Ugh God, Worshiper, Hybegnu AND: Hulk Smash, who're playing a show in Kutztown PA October 1st with Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, Alien Father, and some others TBA. BRUTALLLL


10 records from Pound Puppy

(aka me, conor) -- free to listen, free to have, free to laugh, free to love, free to hate

if you click here
, you'll see the album covers in chronological order, but newest first, left to right, top to bottom... fun shit, right?

that's more than 6 years of retardedly-bored mostly-useless solo recording efforts right there.

Friday, September 3, 2010

get lost in a crowd of horns (+ the original crowdsurfing)

music by and for the community. crawl outta yer hole, play on the street.

and we're gonna be working on a new record right quick (no yoke). YEAAAH.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

two (?) excellent shticks (two for the hipsters)

remember ima robot? 2006 or something?

here's the singer now (as of 2010 anyway):

"Birthed by Mouth in the year two-thousand and five, young Edward Sharpe had to wait nearly two years before he was to grow his arms and legs and fingers and toes. Immaculately conceived, his father (a Robot who had magically become a real boy…but that’s another story) declared his undying devotion to the creature. He perched the fleshy bust upon a teetering pedestal fashioned from stacked cereal boxes and positioned the display at his window for all the town to see. Young Edward soon proved no ordinary boy."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new p_nk! (“pervasive ambivalence toward self and society,”)

check out THIS article.

Sam Gurry

one half of the noise & video outfit Good Time Island (the other half being Keith, curator and rent-payer at the Basement Gallery) makes videos worthy of a meditation or a half-dream (or in the case of some Good Time Island moments, pure uncomfortable nightmares)

here's two, one for Sky Stadium (catch em at the basement gallery) and one for Philip Seymour Hoffman (the music, not the man... but what a great man he is)

Friday, August 27, 2010


this is going to be sick as hell. huge pupils did an impromptu set last saturday at a show i played with dark surfers and BLEW ME AWAY. come on out.

this is huge pupils, recorded live in May :: http://www.sendspace.com/file/t7xrsd

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

it's wednesday, and if you're reading this

you should go see wisdom tooh later on ::

Monday, August 23, 2010




































Prophet happy

On a grassy knoll a boy was born

He will be a miracle the stories told

When the boy was 3 he was lit on fire as he danced in the trees

At five he decided he wanted to die. So he tied one end a rope to a protruding rock and around his neck. He jumped off the cliff and began to fly.

When he was 8 the world knew nothing of his suffering and what it was to be alive. So he captured the king and drew his blood with a knife. In red he wrote a constitution of the living spirit.

When he was 13 he'd seen enough and started digging. By now he'd decided life could be worth living, but not here. So he leaped into his unmarked grave and sailed to other worlds below. The people murmured and mourned his death the many years that he was gone.

At 25 five he arose again, coming to fruition on the floor of a cave. All the people he gathered and forgave, for he had a message for them. As he spoke a cloud of dust formed around him with each breath he took. Floating above, as if it were heaven's hand reaching, he began to tell the truth. And he said, "Happiness comes only from within. The other worlds exist inside of you."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i'm trash/i'm trash/i'm trash/i'm trash

i love this band. barns, beers, joints, fire-blowing by terbo, bon-fires, pitch black muddy pond-swimming, a capella caveman bridge jams in the heat of summer -- all good things and plenty of good people. except your girlfriend's dad dreaming up ways to cut you down in your sleep. that's some paranoia with a lot of truth. anyway... Heaven Hill EP is only 4 tracks (unfortunately) and the first and last track are the same exact song... if that was intentional, that's genius. if it wasn't... well... punk rock. hells bells. check out this record while the summer's still hot. AND PLAY IT LOUD.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ecstasy or somthin' else/The South and a long lost Father

I have so many of these boxes – see how they balance in their shapes and sizes? Each is as sturdy as a corner stone or whatever you call that pressurdedly floating rock in the arches of antiquity or whatever. People thought I was Santa. I don’t know if it was the ecstasy or the boxes, I guess both… And these other pills, I knew I was him too, But I didn’t give any away that I remember. I’m patient as a swamp; it’s where I was brought up. We were born and raised that way but I knew on the highway I was an alligator with rockets, waiting to be found (beat) And here you are! 32 years of birthday presents…lets see…scuba gear to fit a beaver like when you were five. Oh! I got these rocks when I climbed a mountain and them and all the others saved my life and I figured maybe they could save yours too someday… Not that you need saving! – we ALL need saving Jesus, Oh Lord, I and you do too. Here’s a lampshade I used to use to stop my thinkin’. No need to leave the rocking chair when the rocking chair’s enough.

This is my favorite Son: Here's my kidney incase you need it or are starving. I’m sure mine has a finish of possum tail, whiskey maybe, yeah whiskey for sure. Oh and here’s your mother’s hand that fat shit horror. Had to pay $200 to have her body removed from the top floor. I’m amazed that ring didn’t snap off that potato thumb years ago but its yours in the will so here ya go. I didn’t know how else to get it to ya but the rottins well on its way, The maggots’ll make it twice as new. Here’s a treasure map I made when I was drunk. I don’t know where it starts or what’s at the end – Always hoped it would be another map but I didn’t know where to begin. I love walking somewhere even if I never get there. We should follow this map together and I swear you can eat me first; This aged meat’ll taste twice as nice and I want you to procreate.

OH! and a code to the sperm bank storage. (points) See the vials? Fill em full with your juice all the way through and swap em’ out cause I figure money ain’t winning, its lineage. And with al these boxes kid I know you’re gonna win. You’ll have so many kids you can crowd surf in heaven but I’ve never been. (looks at watch) Bout time now isn’t it? (Pulls a knife from his side and stabs him self quick twice in the heart and hands the knife to his son)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Your Life as a Kite/John Carnival

Alien Father is playing tonight (Friday the 13th) at the basement gallery in Ewing (fb event page) with Good Time Island, Bro's Burger Hut, a Swedish punk band, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cop Magnet. come out and get your black magik on.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the shitsleeper and i are going to 30 rockefeller to go be "band bench guests" for the filming of jimmy fallon tomorrow. the walkmen are the musical guest. watch the episode, see us rage hard for lisbon.

please be aware that we will be photographed. our entrance into the studio will serve as a voluntary agreement to appear in scenes to be exhibited as part of this or any other production in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity, including in advertisements and promotions.

a hat-trick by Costado

from the brains of ricky lorenzo, guitarist for the venerable Bordentonian trio the Timid Roosevelts (and former metal bassist)... three albums to download so start gettin. sing a song to the mess of guitars and the white-noise madness... because you wish my bloody valentine weren't such pussies and recorded more albums in less time, because slowdive were english and not american, because the dominican republic is probably as warm as these records, because it'll be fun for you and yours. enjoy it!

Thy Burden @ Gypsy Fest FRIDAY 8/13!


Thy Burden (myspace) is playing this festival on friday night, 7pm for FREE!!! its a 3 day long fest, but only one chance to see em...

The progression into dirt (but who could draw with air)

I wanted post the oldest words I could find...sounds arriving soon. And Tapes tapes tapes! Oh taps! I will wait to post more before I explode under the ocean so that you will be ready when it rains. Let me know what is alright, what you want this to be and how it can be that when there is so much silence in the sound


air hits my face (and it never stops)

it comes from, from ancient GUNS

``````blown far AWAY

years ago

across the stars watching the earth

or the dirt

where my path can be traced


above ground.

Signals of sounds surround

grey colors I hear nothing

but I have read about a satellite

satellite breeze choking


towards my friends

the magnetic ones

We escape into that satellite because we had plans to start a fire but the sun rose and there is was head floating head breathing air shrinking this balloon suffocating us and stretching we can see outside ourselves more more the moment before we stop knowing

I wonder what shaped we would make?

dead in elastic without space outlines meant to separate seeded pedals

we are

one invisible flower

and we have

a message

Who do you want to touch?always? What do you want to lose in yourself and what would you give everything to lose yourself in?

because scattered fight in all directions.

is Seeking chance - W/O being

and being.

As responsive as

cosmetic as

rain drops

could ever be

in a tornado

could ever be


my fall my limbs



WITHOUT KNOWING HOW OR WHOM (but I know its not him)


for fresh ground


FOR TAMUR (this is what you've done to me)

and I thought the thoughts were something coming from, but the germs dispute the meaning of our crying. a better world for circles made of foot steps

w/o flying and know one nose, i know i fuck'd it up. buried Genes said it out "I do" guess the grass is dying for a reason because I haven't fed it yet. This is the reason I'm really dying - without a change= is a silence and I want this grass to grow. a knighted (a) shape (b) white or © black it ends - the ends of which no ones know. 1 dream, comatose, one thought 3000 years a chronic, disney forgotten think feathers instead of ears. One regret. Mao the chair man, break a piece off, forgot to try so I drank a 40 and threw him in the river, where i will stab washingsington as an indian cause everyone deserves a second chance. a person should be a name in equal parts, and washington is not a man, whose fabric woven foundations of the powers seeing black for death … unless white can use their machinery, the biggest power, wrong Washington. You must have been in so much pain. Luck a sign, i go thru doors but your pain was only a door to breath and water, food to live and lead and money money be man dear old dear old Washingtan. make what i love while .... sex aint true

I float in a cover above darkness

i float in a boat darkest silent for not a moon a light is something other.

i world a place i lost it fall to wonder

i wonder's a mistake jump'd in illusion. ask DR. You are not gliding

You are flying

P.S. I have SOO much writing. Booms, how do you feel about me posting my own writing on the blog?

I am T.A.E. Quilty

My name is Taylor and I know many of you here. For those of you who don't know who I am well, fuckin' HELLO! I've decided its about damn time I contribute to this community that has changed who I am, who I want to be, who I know I can become, and how I think. Bio: I'm the smartest dumb kid you will ever meet. To further introduce myself, when I first discovered music I was 18 years old. I had never listened. But I listened and I made noise but I never played and I never will. I make things not bands. I write noise not songs. I have one piece of paper produced when I began to build the ever more defective machine I now operate. Its more then two years old and imperfect but its where I began. I also recorded music during the same period of time. Alec has all of it. I have lost it all. I lose everything. Backpack friends thank you, thank you. Here it is and nice to meet you:

P.S. I am off to Baltimore where I will be confined to the grounds of a psychiatric hospital. I will have a computer. Please contact me. Expect many updates from the mentally ill and fully aware. I know the truth and that is why I'm scared.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DarKSurfers & the Yawns

^on tour with Wisdom Tooth

up above in the yellow-hair, black glasses and bald chin... feeding ducks, living on the road... is chris yaple. in the next month or so ("hopefully"), the ever-talented, ever-tall Mr. Yaple of the Wisdom Tooth*/Alien Father clans will be releasing a tape to the few and the proud who'll get their ears attached and their brains spun round in the best of ways. expect lead guitars like an autistic east-coast stevie malkmus, chord progressions that remind you of your grandma's prom**, melodies as easy to sing along to and as righteous as the jersey-bred fist-pumping misfits//though in a drunk christmas kind of way, & deep*** mantras of lyrics to get you far distances. it's a good driving record. i've been listening to it at work though -- it just about made my boss twist. find your mom's favorite battery-powered beach boombox and stick in the cassette. after each song, finish a brandy alexander... in between sides, make more. then make a record. (just a suggestion)... go find yaple and tell him you want one (cuz i know you do)... hope ya enjoy it when it comes out, for now you only get the track-listing ::

1. Bury Me
2. Cold Winter Nights
3. Pamela (the Pentagram Girl)
4. Drunk Planet (Me & My Satanic Babe) / "Planet Drunk"?
5. My Witch

for further inspection ::
DarkSurfers & the Yawns myspace

* more on WT later... gawd bless john andrews
** that era back before rock'n'roll got so complicated with acid/fat elvis/disco coke/AIDS/E/adderall/& on and on along chronos until we lost the roll except for the oft-cheesy throwback like basketball jerseys of ballers who'd already passed on short-shorts....
*** like a hole is deep, and like an ocean's got salty high-pressure depth, and like barry white had a deep voice, but it's like if barry white was white and possessed by something satanic. whatever you do, listen to darksurfers instead of beat happening... if you live on the east coast, it'll be a wise wise decision

Saturday, August 7, 2010

livin' large like a garbage barge

SUNFLOWER, the full-length album by SWEATMACHINE is HERE!!

<a href="http://sweatmachine.bandcamp.com/album/sunflower">Prune Juice by SWEATMACHINE</a>

Pay whatever you want. You should be familiar with the concept.

It would all be 100% free, but I just quit my office job to work at Mercy Sound Recording Studios as an unpaid intern, so if you would like to support my musical excursions and prevent any further administrative duties on my part, please bust out your debit/credit card(s) and make a small donation.

As always, I'll be extremely honored if anybody even listens. So, if you don't have any bread, then don't pay.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Timid Roosevelts LIVE @ The Old Driveby


Arcade Fire Live on the Internet

Arcade Fire. Tonight at 10 Pm. Live on the internet from Madison Square Garden.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Murder Boats live @ Ewing Basement Gallery

related to the post two down...

lite copypasta


thank Curt (Ugh God)

ewing basement show last night

+ electricity + bass + tara toms + drums =

Murder Boats. Murder Boats stole the show.
got cds from Derrick Hart (he's got issues with god & jesus-as-god), Teaadora (gypsy softness) and two from Minor Broadcast (portland oregon soft/folk -- bedroom weather EP and 5 days in orbit).
Haunted Houses played too. gotta love a live drumset. much respect to the yelp.

but Murder Boats stole the show.
and I don't have a cd from them :: this is making my tuesday worse than it should be.

fortunately, there's this -- a lot of live show recordings. i'm about to start weeding through them//starting my collection.

peace & love,

Monday, August 2, 2010

attention nodes ::

drop out of college, educate yourself -> become part of the collective brain -> make something above the self -> laugh with life

this has been a public service announcement from tamur.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ShitSleeper is now Free

ShitSleeper will be FREE to download on bandcamp for the next few weeks.

In light of the faux fetus memories flooding back, i have decided it should all be free. Might change my mind soon. Don't want to live with my parents forever...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


from http://fauxfetus.net (click to enlarge or just go there) ::

this is the best thing i've seen (back) on the internet for a really long time. this is also the saddest thing i've nostalgia'd over since i'd find a box of letters from some girl i probably don't talk to anymore.

when i was 15 or 16 or whatever, Faux Fetus was the most inspiring thing that i'd ever stumbled upon on the vast internets (and not via stumbleupon, because i'm pretty sure that didn't exist..). so much freedom, so much hope for an alienated piece of shit musician that i was(/still am).

please visit the Void and explore. not long after i found all these records was when Tamur began, and they're a big reason why. inside the music folder are free albums by A Three Ring Circus, Rasputin's Secret Police, CHAMOMILE, Chamomile, CAW!, Drums Like Machine Guns, F!, The Pregnancy, Stuttering Danly and the Vaginal Secretions, WOLFENSHNITZELTRON, ZZ Pot and TONS MORE from the incestual scene of musical heroes. check it the fuck out. don't forget to read the README.txt ::

share the love, sweat it out


Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010


formerly Every Bunny Welcome:
ShitSleeper http://shitsleeper.bandcamp.com (Sky & a Flag)

and from Ugh God's Curt Howard, the Sex Dungeon, and numerous brutal others:
http://worshiper.bandcamp.com/ (Death to Pigs EP)

Friday, July 23, 2010

ShitSleeper is Here

Got 100 physical copies. 5 bucks each for the real deal. come pick one up, email me with your address or yodel real loud.

i am updating http://shitsleeper.bandcamp.com/ as we speak. all songs will be available free streaming, a 5 bucks download for the whole album.