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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2/12/10 :: @ a Basement in Ewing, NJ

you're going to be there. you're going to dance. because basement shows are the best shows. here's who's playing (facebook event // flyer) ::

:: an angry new york tom waits eats thrash shrapnel

:: a "noise-shambolic-satanic-sludgecore, pop-gloom-shoegaze, psych-garage three-piece" from central NJ
[they're also playing Championship Bar & Grill in Trenton on Dec. 16th]

:: fresh-vegetables-for-rotten-fruitcake/not-genre-hardcore from Yardville, NJ [hey! they got good pizza there! and greco's barbershop!]

:: get-out-your-synths-like-it's-2010 with a chick on drums??

:: nothing-is-OKAY-and-we're-gonna-sing-about-it

:: dreadful-weirdo-cassette-tape-makin' ramblins from New Hope, PA

:: it's like humans making out with animals and insects! with words! it's good and it's cool and i can't imagine how he'll pull this off live, but if you've seen Charlie Wilson's War, you'll just TRUST IT.

:: from New Jork. (& da hip kids LOVE 'em)

you like to dance? ok, well come dance. i don't care what your answer was. but don't dance when you're not supposed to -- just find a pocket to put your hand in and wish you were making out with the cute girl next to you. that goes for you girls too. ok, so... look out for a flyer... and all you kids who have schedules and places to be and like to plan things in advance because you really like to control the fuck out of your life or maybe you're just Jersey surfin' party thrash lovers, there'll be another show at this location on 2/26 feat. NoN-SToP! and it's gonna be gnarly... get yer kicks in New Jersey!

-Conor Gerard Meara


michael alexander sheffield 1 said...

i want to come & get wasted.

conor said...

so come and get wasted! MJ should totally play the 26th, i'll holler on the EFF BEE

Joe Pee said...

yo this looks sick. I can come if I can get a ride. by the way, back in jerz.

John Smith said...

what's the address of this place? i can pick yuou up joe if you are doin the train to raritan deal.

Joe Pee said...

thans dude! that would be so nice of you. can do the train to raritan. ill give you a call in the week leading up to the show. hit me up via email or phone. tbandthess@gmail.com

michael said...

(puts out thumb) anybody driving?

John Smith said...

im driving everyone. but after the show, i'm going to make a quick stop at hell, pick up my shit, then we are smokin it all the way to heaven.

michael said...

i have no idea what that means john smith, but i like yr style. let me know a place to meet.