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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to addicts of drugs not yet synthesized ::

songs sent across seas

(chronologically) :: AT&T // Here // Donde Esta La Playa // Bring it on Home to Me // Bad Girl, Pt. 1 // Sinnerman // A Rainy Night in Soho // B.O.B. // No Particular Place to Go // Frightened // Shore Leave //James Brown - Hold My Baby's Hand // Please Please Please // Just Won't Do Right // Who Do You Love? // Real Love (Lennon cover) // Streams of Whiskey // Twist & Shout // El Sol // Baby Please Don't Go // Debaser // Peach, Plum, Pear // Bob Dylan - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry // Lost Someone (live @ the Apollo, 1962) // Bob Dylan - One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) // Hey Hey What Can I Do // A Pair of Brown Eyes // In the New Year // the Only Living Boy in New York // Just One Look // Major Label Debut // Trailer Trash // I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet) // Her Disappearing Theme // Pitter Patter Goes My Heart // Son of a Gun // Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam // 7/4 (Shoreline) // Frightened (again) // Sweet Thing // Bold As Love // Watched Her Spells // Save Me a Place // Poke // Oh, Pretty Woman (green) // I Want to Hold Your Hand (green) // Birthday // Moya // All Our Base Are Belong to Them // St. Elmo's Fire // Unravel // Car // Jesus, etc. // Four Provinces // the Walkmen - Roll Down the Line // Pressure Drop // Disorder // the Walkmen - New Year's Eve // Doe Deer // Runaway Horses // Pound Puppy - Nowhere Girl (6-27-10 demo) // We Used to Vacation

Monday, June 28, 2010

Video Song

Sun Don't Shine by ShitSleeper
brought to you by:
"can't sleep? might as well hallucinate!"

*Album will exist in physical, playable copies within a few weeks. sadly, it wont be free. 5 bucks, or a trade. a foot massage perhaps. let me borrow a good dvd. pop a back pimple. you know. so save up your money so you dont have to touch my feet. then get a 2nd job, picking up cans, then sell the cans for things more useful than cans.

psycho A


AMBIEN: A sleeping pill designed for insomnia. Use of this pill without sleeping will result in hallucinations. One may feel as if he or she was dreaming when he or she is actually awake. Abuse of this pill maybe used for recreation. However do not consume with alcohol.
"Mehran and I are gonna pop some ambien tonight."

have a good day. do nothing.

download the full quality video at HERE


never stops, always dreaming, always recording, making sounds and making drunk kids & cops dance together in that moonlit field. lo-fi yer head-pop.

check out the Kill Mommy Records compilation over on the internet archive (free download!), then get at the myspace and send a message for any of the following ::

"Modern Offerings" (1st Full Length, 8 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Hot Flood Stranger" (2nd Full Length, 9 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Colorful City" EP (6 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Existentialist Coloringbook" (split with VultureMoose, 6 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Illusions" (3rd Full Length, 14 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Hush In the Stars" (4th Full Length, 9 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes (2$ hard copy with art!)
"Baby Tapes" (5th Full Length, 8 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010


LEMME TELL YA A STORY, CHILLREN :: when i was young(er), i went to a few basements in and outside of philly and witnessed two of the best drummers i've ever seen. one was Curt and the other Dan.

Curt Howard played with Mike Parry (now with Space Sluts // see :: Brian Reichert Admiration Society) in Chamomile (get all their shit here :: especially 'A Womb With A View" and rock your balls off to 'Astrosmash' and 'Born Pilot') and was the internet Oz behind Faux Fetus, which began in Flourtown, PA and now exists as part of the Free Music Archive as a curator of things experimental and weird.

Dan Angel played in a band called CAW! (tamur's got their 16-track post-death compilation "We Play For No One (It's Our Choice)" here for your free downloading stoned-listening pleasure). I even witnessed the two of them playing duel drumsets for a set behind A Three Ring Circus (two free albums on tamur here & here), which.. while a clusterfuck of infinite proportions... was an incredibly beautiful marriage of improv creativity.

ANYHOW. uncle conor ramblin again... (aren't you glad your grampa never had the ability to LINK?!).... RIGHT. so they musta rubbed eachother the right ways at that Three Ring show & beyond because now they both play in a group called UGH GOD. who are fucking excellent. Dan and James are recording geniuses.

go listen. sleep tight.



thick pop walled guitar hit synth lines, "sundays at the speedway" is still up on the internets for free (or a paypal donation) over at ourselves collective. ima go ahead and say it's some sort of burnt ode to a new jersey upbringing. a strophe of melodramatic popular song, a west-to-east antistrophe of Casio-loving Ronettes and an epode of western clouds breaking rain over that 3 acre new jersey desert you found when you went for a cruise with the dutch masters that one time in high school. but high school's so far away these days.

go get at it. catch em live, probably in a basement. hopefully in ewing. until the end of time. be loud. put down the gameboy, frenchie. support your local musicians before they all forget that live instruments exist in 2010. and dance. yeah. dance. nobody's too cool to smile and head-bob.

sometime i love the internets. overwhelming, yes, and who's selectivity do we trust? hope you like this record, i've been enjoying multiple listens. don't think too much. just remember some rain.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

if you need to make a record and are near philadelphia

->>>>> follow this <------- (sex dungeon studios)

trust these he-men.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Compress And Run!

anybody out there know how to master an album? i'll give ya a dollar


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