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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Friday, June 25, 2010


thick pop walled guitar hit synth lines, "sundays at the speedway" is still up on the internets for free (or a paypal donation) over at ourselves collective. ima go ahead and say it's some sort of burnt ode to a new jersey upbringing. a strophe of melodramatic popular song, a west-to-east antistrophe of Casio-loving Ronettes and an epode of western clouds breaking rain over that 3 acre new jersey desert you found when you went for a cruise with the dutch masters that one time in high school. but high school's so far away these days.

go get at it. catch em live, probably in a basement. hopefully in ewing. until the end of time. be loud. put down the gameboy, frenchie. support your local musicians before they all forget that live instruments exist in 2010. and dance. yeah. dance. nobody's too cool to smile and head-bob.

sometime i love the internets. overwhelming, yes, and who's selectivity do we trust? hope you like this record, i've been enjoying multiple listens. don't think too much. just remember some rain.


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Joe Pee said...

this is awesome.