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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Monday, June 28, 2010


never stops, always dreaming, always recording, making sounds and making drunk kids & cops dance together in that moonlit field. lo-fi yer head-pop.

check out the Kill Mommy Records compilation over on the internet archive (free download!), then get at the myspace and send a message for any of the following ::

"Modern Offerings" (1st Full Length, 8 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Hot Flood Stranger" (2nd Full Length, 9 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Colorful City" EP (6 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Existentialist Coloringbook" (split with VultureMoose, 6 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Illusions" (3rd Full Length, 14 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes2008
"Hush In the Stars" (4th Full Length, 9 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes (2$ hard copy with art!)
"Baby Tapes" (5th Full Length, 8 songs) Mandrill/BabyTapes

hunterdon county, new jersey affliliates

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