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Friday, June 25, 2010


LEMME TELL YA A STORY, CHILLREN :: when i was young(er), i went to a few basements in and outside of philly and witnessed two of the best drummers i've ever seen. one was Curt and the other Dan.

Curt Howard played with Mike Parry (now with Space Sluts // see :: Brian Reichert Admiration Society) in Chamomile (get all their shit here :: especially 'A Womb With A View" and rock your balls off to 'Astrosmash' and 'Born Pilot') and was the internet Oz behind Faux Fetus, which began in Flourtown, PA and now exists as part of the Free Music Archive as a curator of things experimental and weird.

Dan Angel played in a band called CAW! (tamur's got their 16-track post-death compilation "We Play For No One (It's Our Choice)" here for your free downloading stoned-listening pleasure). I even witnessed the two of them playing duel drumsets for a set behind A Three Ring Circus (two free albums on tamur here & here), which.. while a clusterfuck of infinite proportions... was an incredibly beautiful marriage of improv creativity.

ANYHOW. uncle conor ramblin again... (aren't you glad your grampa never had the ability to LINK?!).... RIGHT. so they musta rubbed eachother the right ways at that Three Ring show & beyond because now they both play in a group called UGH GOD. who are fucking excellent. Dan and James are recording geniuses.

go listen. sleep tight.


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