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Monday, June 28, 2010

Video Song

Sun Don't Shine by ShitSleeper
brought to you by:
"can't sleep? might as well hallucinate!"

*Album will exist in physical, playable copies within a few weeks. sadly, it wont be free. 5 bucks, or a trade. a foot massage perhaps. let me borrow a good dvd. pop a back pimple. you know. so save up your money so you dont have to touch my feet. then get a 2nd job, picking up cans, then sell the cans for things more useful than cans.

psycho A


AMBIEN: A sleeping pill designed for insomnia. Use of this pill without sleeping will result in hallucinations. One may feel as if he or she was dreaming when he or she is actually awake. Abuse of this pill maybe used for recreation. However do not consume with alcohol.
"Mehran and I are gonna pop some ambien tonight."

have a good day. do nothing.

download the full quality video at HERE

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an adaptation said...

you have beautiful eyes.

you must rest them a lot.