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Thursday, July 8, 2010

ALABAMA BLACKSMOKE, "the Blacksmoke EP" (free!)

click here, or here, or anywhere in the following clause to go get this: GO GET THIS.

Alabama Blacksmoke (myspace) is/are Chris Lyons (guitar/yell) and Lucas Bogner (drumming) from good ol' Pennsylvania. they play a brand of good ol' goddamn god damned rock, roll, blues, riff loudness. ima go try and play bass for them and see how that works out. hopefully it'll get somewhere halfway between Earth and their later incarnation (pre-1978) but yknow... 2010 and whatnot. you got that information overload blues. fuck technology. hopefully they'r not like "you're a jerk!" and make me go home.

check out this record. it's free to stream and free to download. get sweaty. it's fucking hot outside. (one more link for good measure)...


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bunny1 said...

"come quickly" is the ma jam yo