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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


from http://fauxfetus.net (click to enlarge or just go there) ::

this is the best thing i've seen (back) on the internet for a really long time. this is also the saddest thing i've nostalgia'd over since i'd find a box of letters from some girl i probably don't talk to anymore.

when i was 15 or 16 or whatever, Faux Fetus was the most inspiring thing that i'd ever stumbled upon on the vast internets (and not via stumbleupon, because i'm pretty sure that didn't exist..). so much freedom, so much hope for an alienated piece of shit musician that i was(/still am).

please visit the Void and explore. not long after i found all these records was when Tamur began, and they're a big reason why. inside the music folder are free albums by A Three Ring Circus, Rasputin's Secret Police, CHAMOMILE, Chamomile, CAW!, Drums Like Machine Guns, F!, The Pregnancy, Stuttering Danly and the Vaginal Secretions, WOLFENSHNITZELTRON, ZZ Pot and TONS MORE from the incestual scene of musical heroes. check it the fuck out. don't forget to read the README.txt ::

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bunny1 said...

this is rad. lemme know what you guys find thats good in the catalogue on faux

Meowsus said...

Woah! Double CHAMOMILE! Thanks a lot, Conor!

- Curdo