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Friday, July 23, 2010

ShitSleeper is Here

Got 100 physical copies. 5 bucks each for the real deal. come pick one up, email me with your address or yodel real loud.

i am updating http://shitsleeper.bandcamp.com/ as we speak. all songs will be available free streaming, a 5 bucks download for the whole album.



get revolution said...

I'd buy one if it weren't enabling you.

Anonymous said...


conor said...

pretty cold... but you already knew that. and fuck all if i've got any answers.

freedom to self-destruct may not be an american right/privilege but it's not hard to do

Kath said...

There's a difference between caring about your friend, and sitting in judgment of them.

conor said...

can't care for someone who's practically a poltergeist. i don't judge, i just go "dammit..."

Kath said...

it wasn't directed at you.