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Friday, July 2, 2010

welcome to the summer

:: hope to see y'all soon ::

saturday, july 3rd (somerset, NJ) - @ a farmhouse, with Coyote Eyes, the Click Clack Boom, Soft Cat, Wisdom Tooth & an installation by Joseph Wolf Grazi
tuesday, july 6th (ewing, NJ) - @ a basement, with Vacation Dad, Farms, Coral Legs, Orchard Theif and Arches
friday, july 9th (ewing, NJ) - same basement with Birthdays, Blackhawks, Sky Stadium, Talkboy, Hopscotch, Haunted Houses
saturday, july 10th (lambertville, NJ) - @ holocombe field, a benefit show for the Lambertville Emergency Fund/River Rescue Fun with Slow Animal, Panama Girls, Birthdays, Blackhawks, Tryina Be A Mammoth
thursday, july 15th (philly, PA) - @ the eris temple with UGH GOD, PAK (nyc), Fat History Month (boston) and Pile (boston)

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