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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DarKSurfers & the Yawns

^on tour with Wisdom Tooth

up above in the yellow-hair, black glasses and bald chin... feeding ducks, living on the road... is chris yaple. in the next month or so ("hopefully"), the ever-talented, ever-tall Mr. Yaple of the Wisdom Tooth*/Alien Father clans will be releasing a tape to the few and the proud who'll get their ears attached and their brains spun round in the best of ways. expect lead guitars like an autistic east-coast stevie malkmus, chord progressions that remind you of your grandma's prom**, melodies as easy to sing along to and as righteous as the jersey-bred fist-pumping misfits//though in a drunk christmas kind of way, & deep*** mantras of lyrics to get you far distances. it's a good driving record. i've been listening to it at work though -- it just about made my boss twist. find your mom's favorite battery-powered beach boombox and stick in the cassette. after each song, finish a brandy alexander... in between sides, make more. then make a record. (just a suggestion)... go find yaple and tell him you want one (cuz i know you do)... hope ya enjoy it when it comes out, for now you only get the track-listing ::

1. Bury Me
2. Cold Winter Nights
3. Pamela (the Pentagram Girl)
4. Drunk Planet (Me & My Satanic Babe) / "Planet Drunk"?
5. My Witch

for further inspection ::
DarkSurfers & the Yawns myspace

* more on WT later... gawd bless john andrews
** that era back before rock'n'roll got so complicated with acid/fat elvis/disco coke/AIDS/E/adderall/& on and on along chronos until we lost the roll except for the oft-cheesy throwback like basketball jerseys of ballers who'd already passed on short-shorts....
*** like a hole is deep, and like an ocean's got salty high-pressure depth, and like barry white had a deep voice, but it's like if barry white was white and possessed by something satanic. whatever you do, listen to darksurfers instead of beat happening... if you live on the east coast, it'll be a wise wise decision

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