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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ecstasy or somthin' else/The South and a long lost Father

I have so many of these boxes – see how they balance in their shapes and sizes? Each is as sturdy as a corner stone or whatever you call that pressurdedly floating rock in the arches of antiquity or whatever. People thought I was Santa. I don’t know if it was the ecstasy or the boxes, I guess both… And these other pills, I knew I was him too, But I didn’t give any away that I remember. I’m patient as a swamp; it’s where I was brought up. We were born and raised that way but I knew on the highway I was an alligator with rockets, waiting to be found (beat) And here you are! 32 years of birthday presents…lets see…scuba gear to fit a beaver like when you were five. Oh! I got these rocks when I climbed a mountain and them and all the others saved my life and I figured maybe they could save yours too someday… Not that you need saving! – we ALL need saving Jesus, Oh Lord, I and you do too. Here’s a lampshade I used to use to stop my thinkin’. No need to leave the rocking chair when the rocking chair’s enough.

This is my favorite Son: Here's my kidney incase you need it or are starving. I’m sure mine has a finish of possum tail, whiskey maybe, yeah whiskey for sure. Oh and here’s your mother’s hand that fat shit horror. Had to pay $200 to have her body removed from the top floor. I’m amazed that ring didn’t snap off that potato thumb years ago but its yours in the will so here ya go. I didn’t know how else to get it to ya but the rottins well on its way, The maggots’ll make it twice as new. Here’s a treasure map I made when I was drunk. I don’t know where it starts or what’s at the end – Always hoped it would be another map but I didn’t know where to begin. I love walking somewhere even if I never get there. We should follow this map together and I swear you can eat me first; This aged meat’ll taste twice as nice and I want you to procreate.

OH! and a code to the sperm bank storage. (points) See the vials? Fill em full with your juice all the way through and swap em’ out cause I figure money ain’t winning, its lineage. And with al these boxes kid I know you’re gonna win. You’ll have so many kids you can crowd surf in heaven but I’ve never been. (looks at watch) Bout time now isn’t it? (Pulls a knife from his side and stabs him self quick twice in the heart and hands the knife to his son)