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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ewing basement show last night

+ electricity + bass + tara toms + drums =

Murder Boats. Murder Boats stole the show.
got cds from Derrick Hart (he's got issues with god & jesus-as-god), Teaadora (gypsy softness) and two from Minor Broadcast (portland oregon soft/folk -- bedroom weather EP and 5 days in orbit).
Haunted Houses played too. gotta love a live drumset. much respect to the yelp.

but Murder Boats stole the show.
and I don't have a cd from them :: this is making my tuesday worse than it should be.

fortunately, there's this -- a lot of live show recordings. i'm about to start weeding through them//starting my collection.

peace & love,


The Basement Gallery said...

As soon as they drove away I realized that I didn't get a cd either. I think a group mail order request is in order.

TEAADORA said...

Thanks for this. :)