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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FOR TAMUR (this is what you've done to me)

and I thought the thoughts were something coming from, but the germs dispute the meaning of our crying. a better world for circles made of foot steps

w/o flying and know one nose, i know i fuck'd it up. buried Genes said it out "I do" guess the grass is dying for a reason because I haven't fed it yet. This is the reason I'm really dying - without a change= is a silence and I want this grass to grow. a knighted (a) shape (b) white or © black it ends - the ends of which no ones know. 1 dream, comatose, one thought 3000 years a chronic, disney forgotten think feathers instead of ears. One regret. Mao the chair man, break a piece off, forgot to try so I drank a 40 and threw him in the river, where i will stab washingsington as an indian cause everyone deserves a second chance. a person should be a name in equal parts, and washington is not a man, whose fabric woven foundations of the powers seeing black for death … unless white can use their machinery, the biggest power, wrong Washington. You must have been in so much pain. Luck a sign, i go thru doors but your pain was only a door to breath and water, food to live and lead and money money be man dear old dear old Washingtan. make what i love while .... sex aint true

I float in a cover above darkness

i float in a boat darkest silent for not a moon a light is something other.

i world a place i lost it fall to wonder

i wonder's a mistake jump'd in illusion. ask DR. You are not gliding

You are flying

P.S. I have SOO much writing. Booms, how do you feel about me posting my own writing on the blog?

1 comment:

conor said...

i think you should post whatever you feel you should and shouldn't post and feel free to do so. no one to tell you not to... something is generally better than silent nothing. take it as your turn to share with the class, and show & tell away

good luck in baltimore... if i'd known you were going up there id've stolen my mom's car out of the garage and come to see you last night. i spent more time pissed at my car and myself than seeing any way around it.