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Saturday, August 7, 2010

livin' large like a garbage barge

SUNFLOWER, the full-length album by SWEATMACHINE is HERE!!

<a href="http://sweatmachine.bandcamp.com/album/sunflower">Prune Juice by SWEATMACHINE</a>

Pay whatever you want. You should be familiar with the concept.

It would all be 100% free, but I just quit my office job to work at Mercy Sound Recording Studios as an unpaid intern, so if you would like to support my musical excursions and prevent any further administrative duties on my part, please bust out your debit/credit card(s) and make a small donation.

As always, I'll be extremely honored if anybody even listens. So, if you don't have any bread, then don't pay.



conor said...

this record scares me. it's a frightening time. do you need a hug?

thank god you made it though. exorcize that shit song by song.

very nice link on the yorke-douche. two thumbs and two big toes up.

Joe Pee said...

scares me too.

but it also makes me laugh a big, warm laugh. almost everytime.