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Monday, August 23, 2010

Prophet happy

On a grassy knoll a boy was born

He will be a miracle the stories told

When the boy was 3 he was lit on fire as he danced in the trees

At five he decided he wanted to die. So he tied one end a rope to a protruding rock and around his neck. He jumped off the cliff and began to fly.

When he was 8 the world knew nothing of his suffering and what it was to be alive. So he captured the king and drew his blood with a knife. In red he wrote a constitution of the living spirit.

When he was 13 he'd seen enough and started digging. By now he'd decided life could be worth living, but not here. So he leaped into his unmarked grave and sailed to other worlds below. The people murmured and mourned his death the many years that he was gone.

At 25 five he arose again, coming to fruition on the floor of a cave. All the people he gathered and forgave, for he had a message for them. As he spoke a cloud of dust formed around him with each breath he took. Floating above, as if it were heaven's hand reaching, he began to tell the truth. And he said, "Happiness comes only from within. The other worlds exist inside of you."

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