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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Towering Trees' "Proto"


a voice in the distance that sounds like a less arrogant julian casablancas mated with a less moping morrissey is singing some pure popping rock&roll from minnesota via portland. here's the last EP of a sunny summer that I, for one, could deal with holding onto for another couple weeks. after that, yeah, welcome autumn, welcome winter, whatever... just give me one more week. i'll take off work. i'll stay outside.

william carpenter and his towering trees have been putting out music for quite some time. will was a bright-eyed, bushy-haired freshman that i met when i tried to go to college one time (no, not that time...the first time). joe P recorded an EP with him in flemington NJ and we've hosted it and some other of his recordings on tamur in the past... the album links are broken turns out. probably because i haven't paid for web hosting in a couple months. BUT THANK GOD FOR BANDCAMP... maybe his back catalogue will show up on there. until then, enjoy the new one. bring it outside with you, get a whiff of the flowers before they die, enjoy it.

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