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Sunday, January 30, 2011

To All Those On Higher Ground (with their bright jewelry )

a message from alec; an impression; a gesture of joking under a cloak of hoping/:

oh ye of high groundednesses,
tell us how we erred on a path toward the wrinkle of the sky and the nipple of the unicorn. big things are small! small things are big! oh treasured leader, lead me from this valley of death! oh the folds of the vagina are strong but the wisdom is from the ground, and the grass! the testes may hold the sperm but the oceans will always behave accordingly. oh dry mouth of cigarette, the blood is red but also we get the blues... i know you are the teste of all testes! the raddest being! the bringer of shit from the toilet to the sink! mmmm! discovery is a meaningless mind quest of manipulation involving soap and a sock/before dinner. live as you suckle the breasts of a mother like two succulent eggs, only to be nurtured and nestled and nibbled! then fuck yourself silly, drowning in dirt.

breathe like the breathing is the only thing left in your sack of candles! a parcel of meat, irrigating the scent of all nations! live like a sack of poo in a farmhouse, which slowly rots and vanishes, becoming itself, and other things. everyone is both ways! but you are more like a touch of velvet under a toothpaste dream. a boat on the water of fishes! cast us down with thunderous anal releases of pleasure... and we shall treasure your turds forever! forever and ever! till the beds bleed black and the blinds bring songs!

lately i've been sad! but nothing brings sadness more than the big happy sky emoting emotion emotionally motioning to me all things that are great! bring us hope from your breadth of 3000 dollar knowledge, for we are both poor of spirit and poor of beans!

lay inside your own penis and feel it throbbing against the cheeks of treachery, the bowels of lobotomy, the sirens of the sea... there is nothing left but hope and fear and hope and fear...

until a new tree grows and plants seeds in your eyes/ liver/ hand / face / face / face.


(consider this a kind gesture in an unkind world)


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