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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

find one of... This

Buy this ^ lovely old hunk of ivory and become a part of Ye Olde Neighborhood Athletique .
you! fall downward into our circle of young elders, begging, hoping and loathing our darkening, sickly skies as they turn and turn and turn... we shalt spread our medieval asphalt with a relentless repetition of rehearsed, tirelessly ill-conceived cacophonous feedback; help us find our lost prayers which were so suddenly swallowed by a the parking lot of a plasticized CVS. to our drugged and lonely planet we scream! we are all too far from the calm of the chaos!

( and you would play it distorted and loud, obviously)

"The Fender Rhodes Piano Bass came out as a joint venture between Harold Rhodes and Leo Fender doing in the late fifties. The 32-note keyboard is the lowest 2 1/2 octaves of a full 73-note Rhodes. The first time the PianoBass shows up in the Fender program isn’t until the 1962-63 catalogue.

The PianoBass was meant to be placed on top of another keyboard to be played with your left hand. Of course any music fans of the ’60′s know that Ray Manzarek of the Doors made this instrument famous. It was that “cheesy” low rumble that’s heard on their earlier stuff that completed their sound." ( from http://www.kimkinrade.com/ )

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