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Thursday, July 28, 2011


SAVE THE DATE! 9-17-2011 Showcase (in the early development stages) :: please e-mail me at conormeara@gmail.com if you'd like to help or are interested in pinning down a venue or if you're in a band and would like to get involved. you can also add me on google+ as i'll be organizing this at least with myself and Axel through common circular groundings over there.

i'm looking at you: Rasputin's Secret Police/Brandon Can't Dance, Alien Father, NoN-SToP!, Donner Party Picnic, Reality War, Thy Burden, Huge Pupils, Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, Pony Express, Shapes, Timid Roosevelts, Moister/Rainbow Party/Sydney etc., Curt/Ugh God/Hulk Smash, Scout Paré-Phillips, Beach Arabs, and all you other bottom-feeders.

so save the date, get in touch, we're going to make this a moment to nostalgize for less interesting lengths of time to come.

peace, love, & all my best,

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