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Thursday, September 29, 2011

dear addicts of drugs not yet synthesized (2)

rasputin's secret police are working on a new one they're recording themselves, snoozer just recorded 11 songs in a day or two at dan & james' "the sex dungeon" in philly and this is my new favorite band from boston... a drum/guitar duo that just went on two month-long tours back to back (the first with ugh god, second with kitchen's floor). their album, "fucking despair" (available on 12"!) was recorded at the sex dungeon too... (and speaking of ugh, if you haven't listened to "a pony on top of a mountain" yet get on it. don't start with track 5 but keep it in mind...)

saw the three up there last night in a diner/bar in south philly (teri's... at least there's foot traffic?) & all but one of the ugh dudes were there. it was good as fuck, wish ya were there. this stuff's just the jizz of life... or anyway... well... at least makes it normaler. bearable-er. makes you want to play loud music again.

philly's been growing on me a little more every year since that one show at the steakhaus when i was what... 17? new york can and will always be welcome to suck my balls and the decent people in new jersey are either too north, too east, or just unable to find shit worth starting. there's an itch but it's all lacking a good heavy scratch. i guess we go to philly for that.

or new brunswick, but the crowd there... the "ask a punk" basement show crowd... well they're more about hype over an all-chick band that took way too long to set up and didn't even understand the concept of tuning than realizing that they suck. it's just hard to enjoy when every time you're standing in the back yard the dude next to you in the studded jean jacket with the colt 45 is flirting with the other dude with the puffy sideburns with the OE and they're bonding over how much of a "theoretical physics dude" the one is and the phrase "no homo" is thrown around with the utmost sincerity.

or, you know, the tone-deaf plump girl from rutgers who wandered around back, ripped her shirt a little bit getting caught on something as she stumbled up, and is obviously trying to get fucked. that's the extent of the foot traffic.

that's not saying i don't have faith in jersey but jesus if it isn't hard to find good honest to dirt music here. brick mower still kicks ass. they're worth the the trip.

the tamur show in piscataway couldn't have gone any better except for some technical difficulties from Trololo. it was at a metal-working foundry with parking lots on two sides and a field of solar panels across the street. 8 bands played and they all played really well. good crowd, good people, good music. here's hoping that spot isn't a one-off.

here's a show oct 5th in south philly. here's a show oct 14th somewhere else in PA. + alien father, huge pupils, snoozer and RSP are playing at the el bar on the 15th. meet me out there... one of three? i'll buy you a beer.

i keep putting up shit here. it gets better, it gets worse, working them all out still and playing guitar and singing every day. it helps.

be well. send music.



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conor said...

writing on tamur's like taking an OK dump

sydney howells said...

tamur bands are the best bands making music in 2011. lets do more showcases!