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Sunday, September 4, 2011

philly cops.

don't you hate when you go to a show, everything's just going fucking fantastically and Snoozer's loud as fuck and kicking your ass -- this time with a bassist -- and then FINALLY fucking Rasputin's Secret Police, THE FUCKING 'SPUTIN, start up with fucking Asparagus, raping your ear pussies, BUT THEN a little fucking cop starts screaming from the back of the basement "FUCK THIS AND FUCK THAT AND FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT FUCKERS FUCKING FUCK FUCK" telling you "I'M GETTIN' FUCKIN' HOT DOWN HERE AND Y'ALL WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M FUCKIN' STEAMED, LAST MOTHERFUCKER UP THE FUCKIN' STAIRS GETTIN' LOCKED THE FUCK UP SO MOVE" and so you're slowly filing upstairs, totally not intimidated by the little piggy but terribly bummed out... the bands are coming upstairs too but they're annoyed that they'll have to kill time around the corner waiting for the 20 fucking cops filling the house to clear out so they can lug their used and unused hundreds of pounds of equipment up the fucking stairs and into a car and back home.

then you wind up at a bar with some magic the gathering pro champions from out of town, the room half as crowded as the rock and roll show but feels 10x as crowded and you get raped by 10 guys with beards and plaid and there's some shitty guy with a shitty digital turntable playing shitty music and all the white kids are trying to dance without feeling a fucking thing except their sweaty balls and the potential of some girl with high waisted mom-jeans and a bicycle outside, chick pea breath and all.

that shit sucks.

the show on the 17th at Rutgers U's Sculpture facility (new bruns, NJ) --- see post below --- is moving along nicely and as soon as all the bands are on board i'm sure Sydney will come up with some sick flyer that you can print out and give to other people to throw away for you because they won't even know what they're missing.

facebook event too. because we know how much y'all love facebook.

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