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Friday, September 2, 2011


Sydney (Trololo, ex-Rainbow Party) and I are putting on a blow-out so save that date and look out for more info.

Invitations to play sent to (1) Alien Father, (2) Huge Pupils & (2 1/2) Creeper for short sets, (3) Trololo, (4) Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks (or [alt. 4] Pony Express),

popular NB bands to draw a crowd ([5] Brickmower, [6] Mountain Dude, [7] Harpoon Forever)

and Philly bands (8) Rasputin's Secret Police (who are playing TONIGHT in Philly, 8th and Diamond, come out dammit!), (9) Ugh God or (alt. 9) Hulk Smash.

I'm listing these bands publicly even though they're not all confirmed because you should know them anyway. So click away, enjoy the music, get excited, send me a line.

Also looking to put on a show in Philly with help from Curt from Ugh God. more info on that if it materializes.


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