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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

help us press this record!

Sean & Bryan (/Huge Pupils) met Conor (/Roy Orbitron) at the Basement Gallery in Ewing NJ probably sometime in 2009 -- long before the Pupils birthed their debut full-length (see: "Kings of Leonia") and before Conor became a dad (literally). Since the Gallery was shut down, Huge Pupils have continued to be stalwart purveyors of particularly New Jerseyan punk and noise music; they play anywhere that'll allow them, and they've recorded a number of wondrous things. Since leaving NJ punk band Alien Father and becoming a dad, Conor's written & recorded songs for Roy Orbitron... resulting in rock & roll magic that features 7 or so different musicians spread from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to New Jersey to New York, their parts recorded on location later mixed by Conor to create a faux-supergroup of basement-dwelling freaks he admires (see: "Fluorescent Spells").

We'd like celebrate our friendship and continued musical proliferation by documenting a number of new songs on vinyl. One 18-minute side will be Huge Pupils and the other will be Roy Orbitron. But we need your help - financially, spiritually, and otherwise - to make this happen. Mostly financially... Pressing vinyl's a bit more expensive than a $100 DIY CD-R release via Staples and nimble fingers. We don't have metal parts, we don't have a record press, and we don't have any vinyl or any know-how... So we have to pay those that do. Won't you pitch in & make our dreams come true?

Huge Pupils & Roy Orbitron

Huge Pupils = Sean + Bryan
Roy Orbitron = Conor + Paul from Snoozer (Philly) + drummer Dan (just toured in NJ Ska outfit the Waffle Stompers) + violinist Noah (at Cargenie Mellon - previously on Shitsleeper's "Sky & a Flag") + Dave from Alien Father (NJ) + Josh from Rasputin's Secret Police (Philly) + Joe from Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks. Sean & Bryan have been and are being Rorbits live.

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