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[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fluorescent Spells

you can now purchase a copy of Roy Orbitron's "Fluorescent Spells" EP on cassette tape.  sounds rl güd.

listen/buy here

Thursday, October 4, 2012


call me ignorant, call me stupid, whatever you do at least try and correct me without calling me a pussy or a faggot. try REALLY hard, ok? here we go: your metal "sound," your thrash specifically, makes no sense. it's bad. it's supposed to be "heavy" but it's a farce, just like a frolicking '80s dingbat with feathered hair and spandex -- an overdriven-to-fuck low-action soft-as-fuck guitar plinking that's actually comforting in its smoothness as it's been leveled off to have absolutely no dynamic range. the kick drum sounds thinner and twangier than the snare drum, there's no resonance to the snare because it's hit so damn fast that all you have is (heavily compressed and unsurprising) attack, and the bass is just mud flopping around on the bottom with no real drive or force to the music, just playing the same damn retarded-monkey-written guitar riffs an octave lower and simpler -- generally a failed guitarist who likes to party and suck the guitarist's dick.

the thrash sound is just about the pussiest sounds in the world. all the studio tricks and drum triggers and overdrive only results in the safest sound available for a band of "live" instruments next to pop songs that feature an electric guitar and other radio-ready rock.

no. fuck that. dig in. pick a real fight. give me hendrix's highs and lows, softnesses contrasting the loud bombastic clamors, the piercing aggressiveness of the feedback, and the emotional maturity it takes to play the blues. to play with feeling. give me Noel Redding and his fender fucking JAZZ bass - John Paul Jones and his - give me a bassist who's inventive and deeply rooted in the pocket alongside the drummer who's playing the damn drums, not quantized to a grid in some bullshit software. give me a kick drum that sounds like a kick drum, like it's the biggest fucking drum on stage (because it is, and you're supposed to fucking STOMP it with your FEET, you dainty gently-tapping blast beat motherfucker). fuck it, put two of them on stage like keith moon. give me Hubert Sumlin and Howlin' Wolf.  give me some truth. give me some goddamn SOUL.