"Free music for the People :: free People for the Music"

[est'd 2004 A.D. :: New Jersey]

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Core ::

Conor Meara (Roy Orbitron, Creeper, Alien Father, All Over, Virgil Warbug, Canaries, Le Rug, Pound Puppy, Pidgeons, Curious George)
[Trenton, NJ] conormeara@gmail.com

Sydney Howells (Trololo, Rainbow Party)
[Kutztown, PA] sydneybhowells@gmail.com

Alec Gabin [Bunny1] (ShitSleeper, Every Bunny Welcome, Canaries, Pidgeons, Curious George, W.U.B.A.N.G.)
[Los Angeles, CA] alecgabin@gmail.com

Joe P. (Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks, Hunt Club, Sweatmachine, All Over, At Any Cost)
[Brooklyn, NY] tbandthess@gmail.com

Sean Hard-On (Huge Pupils, Creeper)
[Leonia, NJ] seanwilliamaustin@gmail.com


Topley (Alien Father, Creeper)
[Newtown, PA] alienfather@gmail.com

Curdo (Ugh God!, Hulk Smash, Hybegnu, Chamomile)
[Philadelphia, PA] tooblies@gmail.com